ZIKA Test Kits are Rushed into Production

The ZIKATEST.NET provides a simple and highly accessible means for the general public to better understand the health threats posed by the ZIKA VIRUS, and to offer the latest information on how to minimize exposure to the disease.CDC Map of ZIKA VIRUS Cases in the US

Numerous pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions are striving to create a simple test to identify the presence of the ZIKA VIRUS in blood or urine. As their efforts succeed and test kits are approved and made available for sale to the public, this site will keep you updated on the latest news on where and how to acquire ZIKA VIRUS Test Kits.

ZIKA TEST Kits will become an essential tool in helping to address this public health threat around the world. The map at the right shows the spread of laboratory confirmed cases of the ZIKA VIRUS in the United States. (source)


5 Important Questions and Answers on the ZIKA VIRUS

1) What is the ZIKA VIRUS and how do you get it?

2) Why all the sudden concern about ZIKA, especially for pregnant women?

3) Is there a vaccine, inocculation, cure, test or treatment for the ZIKA VIRUS?

4) What steps can you take to help prevent getting the ZIKA VIRUS?

5) Are there any products that can help prevent a bite from an infected mosquito?

Begin with the section 5 Important Questions and Answers on the ZIKA VIRUS. Here you will learn about the origins of the ZIKA VIRUS, where it has spread, the types of mosquitoes that carry the virus, the health risks for healthy people and pregnant women, and much, much more.

Don't miss the section on ZIKA VIRUS Products and Services to make living in a ZIKA VIRUS world a little safer.

Then get the very Latest News and INFO on the ZIKA VIRUS. Including important links to the most current information from the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control) and The WHO (World Health Organization). Watch videos on ZIKA and understand risks for pregnant women due to the possible link to microcephaly. Check back often to stay up to date with this rapidly changing health threat.

5 Important Questions and Answers on the ZIKA VIRUS

Get a better understanding of what the ZIKA VIRUS is, where it comes from, the public health threat it poses and how to protect yourself and your family.

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ZIKA VIRUS Products and Services

Learn more about how to limit your risk of exposure to the ZIKA VIRUS with products and services, including mosquito repellents and how to get the available TEST for the disease.

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Latest News and INFO on the ZIKA VIRUS

See the very latest news stories on the ZIKA VIRUS and find links to more vital information from official sources.

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